Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Never Gonna Give up!

I first came across the Rollerball men Loafers by Christian Louboutin (God in the shoe world) when my friend told me about them in London and ever since i've been in love. I searched everywhere online, i checked every Philip Lim 3.1 and Department store in London (you name them i checked them, Selfridges, Harrods, etc). Me and my friend even came down to a little agreement, since our mutual love for the shoe wasn't the only thing mutual, but our shoe size as well, we decided if we only found one pair we'd split the money and share the shoes. But nothing. 
Their Gorgeousness
On the Philip Lim Catwalk
On Real feet!

P.S. I wear a size 41/42 if any of you little fashionistas ever come across them and i'm willing to sell my soul to the devil for them.

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