Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm Backkkk....

Excuse my lack of posting, i've been jet-setting around the world, crashing weddings, partying with grandchildren of deceased legends, D-listers and Pathological liars, breaking hearts of muses, bartenders, models (you name them, i broke them), rekindling with frenemies and met Burlesque Legend Dita Von Teese (well, Almost!). All the things my parents wouldn't approve off but what's the fun in following the rules, huh? It's a new year and i decided to come back in full force and share what i do best. I mean come on, it's time to admit life without me is pretty boring. I'm the one of a kind essence of fire flaming brightly. Since every story needs to be backed up with sufficient evidence, here are a few photos in proof of my fabulosity...

Black Hoodie - H&M
Pink Mini Dress (worn as shirt) - Jeremy Scott
Fingerless Leather Gloves - Topshop
Black Monkey Jeans - Topman
Highsoles - Steven Sprouse for Louis Vuitton
Did i mention dancing on table tops?
White Chewbacca Fur Coat - Portobello Market
Red T-shirt - Kitson L.A.
Sequined Suspenders - Vintage
Star Sunglasses - Topshop
Cuff - Chanel
Rosary beads (worn as bracelets) - Topshop

Black Shirt - Zara
Black and White Polka Dot Bow Tie - Dolce and Gabbana
Sequined Suspenders - Vintage 
Grey High Wasted Pants - Kitson L.A.
Black Boots - Doc Martins  

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